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About Us


Come experience a whole new way to beauty. Every detail of your visit is thoughtful in its respect and it’s appreciation for nature and the preservation of it. We recycle continuously throughout your services. One cannot help but be a part of nature here in Alaska, and as owner Jen grew up on an off grid homestead in Kachemak Bay, it's impossible to deny our need to protect it. We searched the globe and found products that are symbiotic with our values in their respect and appreciation of our planet, using the principles of biodynamic farming for cultivation and production. Our No-Waste mission is supported by their commitment to using eco friendly methods and packaging. From our refill bar, to our recycling program, we divert almost 95% of all our salon waste from the landfill, and turn it into reusable materials.

Salon Promise


Our commitment to health extends beyond your skin and hair to taking care of our environment, and by using sustainability as our guide and business model

Meet Our Team

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Jen Bersch


Owner Jen Bersch has an extensive portfolio under her belt, from participating in education with countless industry professionals (including Vivienne McKinder, Sam Villa, Kevin Murphy and Vidal Sassoon), to spending four years as an Artistic Educator with industry leader, Matrix. It was during that stint that her mission to provide a chemical free, earth-friendly salon experience first came to light.

Now, well established in her own right, Jen provides a wealth of information to each client regarding healthy choices in everyday beauty products. She also advocates for national legislation for safe cosmetics and environmentally-conscious practices in the beauty industry.

Jen is part of a fourth generation homestead family, born and raised in Alaska. Her community involvement and interests are broad—from community theater to car racing, just to name a few! Jen has enjoyed working with the Anchorage Opera, the Performing Arts Center and on locally produced films. Jen is leading the way to more environmentally healthful practices in the beauty industry in Alaska.


Salon Manager ~ Hair Stylist~Colorist

If you see a really small person walking around the salon thats me! I’m born and raised in Alaska and I’ve lived here basically all of my life. I love all the beauty this state has to offer! 

I am also very interested the ability to marry beauty and health together. All from what the ingredients are, where they came from, how they were sourced, and more. That's why I love working at Salon DaVinci. We always have something special for you and your needs. No one is left out, which I love. I am also a firm believer in furthering your education! You are never done learning. So I’m always excited to take new classes and learn new techniques and methods. I love making people feel their absolute best and have them leave with a positive, sassy, and confident attitude! 

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Hair Stylist~Colorist

Rae Young is a first generation Alaskan that has lived here their whole life and was drawn to Salon DaVinci because of their love for low waste living while acknowledging the earth deserves healthy and sustainable beauty from as many people as possible. They love to keep you, your hair, and your environment as beautiful as possible by keeping up to date on the most recent trends, but styling them organically and safely.

Rae has been a stylist for over 8 years and has been committed to providing safe, healthy ways to get the hair color you want to achieve the entire time. Being a color specialist, Rae has a wide array of services for coloring and has taken many classes to stay up to date on current coloring techniques and trends. Alongside their fantastic colors, Rae has also taking courses that trained them from classic to eccentric hair cuts to suit everyone who needs either a trim or a total makeover.

Low waste lifestyle and a better impact on the earth is not something only found in Rae's chair, but also at their home! They love to garden with their partner, kiddo, 2 cats, and 1 dog while learning about permaculture to expand peoples knowledge of food gardens and how fun it can be to grow foods you love!

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Hair Stylist~Colorist

Ray Lin comes to us from the Midwest where she began her career as a stylist in 2006, in Richmond Indiana. After graduating cosmetology school at the David Demuth Institute of Cosmetology, she obtained licenses in both Ohio, & Indiana, & worked at a number of local salons before moving to Indianapolis in 2011; where she sharpened, & fine tuned her skills as a stylist, & colorist at Fiesta in Southport. 


Ray Lin first came to Salon Da Vinci in 2013 after moving to Anchorage to be closer to family, & has worked with us seasonally until fall 2021 when she came back full time. Ray Lin specialized in cuts, color, & perming, & offers a variety of services to fit your style, & needs. 


“It’s important to me to be on the same page with my client at all times so that we both have a successful appointment, & being at Salon Da Vinci affords me the opportunity to give my clients the salon experience they’ve always wanted while using safe & ethical products. From our recycle program, to our refill bar, Salon Da Vinci is paving the way in Alaska for No-waste salons.” -Ray Lin 

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