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Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss your are not alone!

We have multiple Oway products to help!

  • Densifying remedy works by reinforcing and densifying treatment for scalp and hair prone to falling out. It strengthens the cohesion and stability of the hair shaft and bulb & it stimulates the dermal papillae to induce the growth of new hair; it favors the oxygenation of the scalp.

  • Micro-stimulating hair bath: Scalp and hair revitalizing bath for scalp and hair prone to falling out. It delicately cleanses, countering hair loss, eliminating toxins from the scalp. It aids physiological hair growth. It reactivates microcirculation and nourishes the hair bulb.

  • Vivifying remedy sensitive scalp: Revitalising treatment for sensitive scalp with hair prone to falling out. It carries out an energising action on the piliferous bulb and increases hair strength and resistance. It favours microcirculation in the scalp and it lightly moisturizes the skin, improving the comfort of the most sensitive types of skin.

We have stuff for Men too!

We carry the nocturnal hair remedy, fortifying lotion for scalp and hair prone to falling out with Biodynamic anise, organic hops, ethical carambola and plant stem cells. For Men's scalp and hair prone to androgenetic hair loss.

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